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New Superfood Blend

Eat the Rainbow!

Eating Acai

How To Use

Upgrade your regular foods and drinks!

Simply add 1-2 tsps of our 100% natural & colourful super blend powders to whatever food & drink you'd like to upgrade!

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Add to Smoothies & Shakes

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Mix into Oats & Yoghurts

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Stir into Plant milk or water


And lot's more other creative foods & drinks you'd like to upgrade!

Starseed Herbal Tea

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About Starseed

We believe in Mother Nature and all that she has to offer

Our goal is to give you the best Superfoods that you can trust and easily incorporate into your routine to become the best, healthier version of yourself. Our ingredients are handled with great intent and care at every step to ensure you receive the best quality freshest products. Unlike some brands, we keep very low stocks of our products at all times and order new small batches to ensure our finished products keep their quality and nutrient density!

Every Order Plants 1 Tree

How it works


Starseed Superfoods is honored to be in partnership with One Tree Planted, a non profit organisation dedicated to global reforestation. Every product you purchase with Starseed plants one tree! With our blends containing some truly amazing 100% Natural ingredients sourced worldwide, this is our way of giving back to Mother Nature what we take from it. It's the little things that citizens do that will make the difference. Together let's help earth glow again. For the planet, for the people, for our health, for the animals & wildlife.


Mother Nature selflessly provides all our needs. It's time we start to care of her. 

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Based in Plymouth, UK



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